Boogie Brain - Szczecin 22-23.08.2008

 “  The sound and the images are going to travel in time and space. Our feelings, emotions and consciousness as well...
Be prepared for an extraordinary journey.  ” 

There are many ways of depriving a human being of brain. Making a man a sad creature deprived of contact with absolute. One of them is the constant feeding with trash and influencing the basic human emotions in order to make us unable to differentiate valuable art form the trash. The mass culture dictatorship must be ended. This is one of the basic challenges for those who are aware of the problem. For those who can see the drama of modern civilization facing the brainless, shallow, fast and easy experiences. Our aim is to organize the event which is going to bring the primary function of music back, to influence the consciousness of the listeners in the way their minds are ready to start the mysterious journey in the universe.