Boogie Brain in the middle of the city

Day by day, the festival atmosphere spreads all over the city. Since the 4th of August we are going to be present on the Polish Radio Szczecin in "Srodek Miasta" ("In the middle of the city") show. The crew of the show happily joined the forces and they are spreading the word about the biggest party in Szczecin ever. For all the music lovers and for those who want to get familiar with the festival music. "Srodek Miasta" is preparing the daily news about the event, a good dose of fresh sounds and whole lotta of prizes and surprises for its listeners.

The show is on air from Monday to Friday between 5p.m. and 7 p.m.

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Fotis Sound at work

We did another giant leap in our preparation for the Boogie Brain last weekend. The festival site was visited by Mirek Michalak, the main sound engineer from Fotis Sound. His visit to the scene of the crime assured us everything is going to be perfect. And now, it is time for a joke: Sound system suppliers in Poland are divided into two categories: Fotis and the rest. The reason? If Fotis lacks of equipment they just simply buy it, the rest borrows it. And as the old Polish proverb says: it is a good habit not to borrow.

Menu with taste

According to the idea of the festival, dictate of mass culture must be stopped. Not only in music, but also in food. We have enough fast food, preservatives, dyes, boosters and other tasteless stuff. Fortunately, during the festival only specially prepared, vegetarian dishes will be served. Delicious menu with reasonable prices will be prepared by "Fundacja Amar – Pożywienie dla Zdrowia", publisher of the eco magazine "Zielony Rynek". The purpose of this organization is to support ecology and health related activities in everyday life. Health and ecology are unbreakably bound with simple, basic things. Because simplicity is the true nature of genius.

The mission of Amar foundation is to make people understand that food is also an art, because you can cook and eat like an artist. That is why delicious food made by Amar tastes great and everything is just the way it should be. It seems “normal” but is different, better. Palatable, healthy, colorful… open air and artistic ambience. And all of a sudden, it turns out that the highest level of music contemplation is the place where a real flavor exists.

So come and taste the real food! This taste will certainly satisfy you!

Boogie Edi on the podium

Edi - our hero Maciej Eiding, known as Edi, the official festival messenger was third in Polish Cycle Messenger’s Cup Poznan 2008 in Alleycat Polwiejska. He was cycling in the night race for the messengers from outside Poznan. Edi is our hero. His face is very well known to the police in the city greeting him with a tender smiles everyday. Edi is also a friend of the city guards supporting him while doing his propaganda work.

Professionals should know that Edi uses a fold-up bike: Unibike Mission frame, Shimano Deore LX gear, Novatec hub (rear) and Deore hub (front), Shimano Deore LX brakes (rear) and Deore brakes (front), No Name crank. But the most important influence on Edi style has some Scotch tape that glues the lamps and fenders in his bicycle. It looks like without the Scotch tape it could fall into pieces. Anyway, we think Edi is the best and we believe that next year he gonna beat everybody.

Five hundred compilations for the fastest!!!

Boogie Brain Vol.1: Boogieshapes We have started selling tickets for the festival. A two-day-ticket costs only 50 PLN (17 EUR) and one-day-ticket is 30 PLN (10 EUR). It does not matter which ticket you gonna get, if you are among the first five hundred buyers, you will get the cd compilation "Boogiebrain Vol.1: Boogieshapes" for free. Isn‘t that a great offer? Over 16 hours of music performed by the best djs and live acts in the Open Air Theatre and the whole Saturday afternoon at Jasne Blonia Park is the offer thanks to which Szczecin bravely enters the festival map of Poland. The eclectic line-up was prepared for all those who are interested in modern, electronic sounds.

The ticket for two days of the festival in the Open Air Theatre (Friday and Saturday, 8pm - 4am)is only 50 PLN (17 EUR). A one-day-ticket costs 30 PLN (10 EUR). You can buy the tickets in different ways: you can use the filling form from the festival site, you can also buy them using Ticketpro, which lets buy tickets on-line and in several hundreds places around the country, or you can come to our office in Szczecin which is located at Pasaz Boguslawa 48, you can also get the tickets at the doors of the event. But the tickets bought at the doors are a bit more expensive: 70 PLN (23 EUR) for a two-day-ticket and 40 PLN (13 EUR) for a one-day-ticket.

The first five hundred buyers get the great compilation "Boogiebrain Vol.1: Boogieshapes", which is the official compilation of the festival. Be quick because it is strictly limited.

You can get your cd in our festival office (Pasaz Boguslawa 48, Szczecin) from 28th of July (just show your ticket), or at the doors of the event while exchanging for the wristband.

Boogie Brain Vol.1: Boogieshapes "Boogie Brain Vol.1: Boogieshapes" is the cooperation between Boogie Brain and Szczecin net-label Handy-Tec. Handy-Tec was created last year by Skorutec. The artist involved into project produce mainly tech-house. On this compilation you can listen to the producers who were responsible for the material on the previous Handy-Tec compilation called "Shapes". You can find there among others: Offpop (Typical Rec. / Traum Rec.), cooperation between Jerson & Michael Modoolar – The Saturday Smokers (Novaforma / Imax), Playground Group (Thirtyonetwenty Rec.), Legz (Twistedlegz), Skorutec (Handy-Tec / Novaforma), the duo Flexibility and the tracks by the new producers from Handy-Tec: Matthew Ross (Twistedlegz), known for his cooperation with Dubai Quartet – Remeeq’a (Novaforma), Tyu. Tere is also a bonus track by Dj Twister. "BoogieShapes" is a summer, deep-house production by the artists you can listen to at the festival: Jerry, Offpop, dj Twister.

Boogie Brain Vol.1: Boogieshapes Tracklist:
01. Matthew Ross - 9th floor II
02. Remeeq - Digital Painter
03. OffPop - Goodbye mr Prond
04. Jerson - Time
05. Flexibility - Cotangens
06. The Saturday Smokers - Marriet
07. Playground Group - Chickenretro
08. Legz - 5am
09. Matthew Ross - Abandon Mind
10. Skorutec - Musictherapy
11. Tyu - 3sisters
12. Legz - Smoke
13. Dj Twister - Gimme Dat Stuff ( listen on Boogie Brain MySpace Profile)

2008 music production by handy-tec
2008 production by boogiebrain
2008 production by showbiz monstaz