Music on stages in the city parks

The Rusalka Lake, Jasne Blonia, the Kasprowicza Park- the first edition of the International Music Festival Boogie Brain is going to take place in the peaceful surrounding of the municipal park- in the Open Air Theatre. For the first time its stage is going to be filled with such a great amount of modern sounds. And everything is going to happen in the most representative park in the city. Be ready for unforgettable experience. Kasprowicza Park and Open Air Theatre Jasne Blonia Park Famous Birds by HasiorThanks to this location we get an attractive place in the city center, which is at the same time, a kind of safe, green reserve, far from the main communication routes. On one side there is a cute lake surrounded by the park, not far from the public transport. The Open Air Theatre area is one of the most frequently visited places in the city and its surrounding makes it very relaxed, picnic friendly space. The same kind of atmosphere will be also present during the day of the festival at the Jasne Blonia where we are going to enjoy many festival attractions stepping on the green grass.

The Open Air Theatre itself has the best conditions to perform and to listen and enjoy music as well. The fabulous acoustic supported with the great sound system is a guarantee of the great fun. Nobody should be disappointed. The stage is visible from each part of the object, Summer Theatre's Magnificencethe benches will be a great place to rest, and next to the stage there is enough space to make it a huge dance floor for those interested in dancing all night long. Anyway, nothing can stop you from having a great fun everywhere you want. The dancing crowd is nothing scary.

Some fact from Wikipedia: The Park Theatre was built in the 1930's and in the 70's was rebuilt and the huge arch was added to the construction of the stage. In 2000 the stage was renewed and a roof was added to protect the stage and a half of its seats from rain. The Open Air Theatre in Szczecin is:
- one of the biggest stages of this kind in Poland;
- the biggest stage in Szczecin - 670 square meters;
- the best natural acoustic in the country;
- the unique sculpture "Birds" by Hasior is situated nearby.

Peace, love and unity in DUB style

It was a real dub celebration - says Woras who came all the way to Szczecin to see the Abassi Hi-Power from Olsztyn. You can read here about his impressions from the gig. Abassi Hi-Power - Intro to Boogie Brain - Szczecin 20.06.2008 ... For more than nine hours the 12 thousand watt sound system was delivering the murderous bass spreading the peace, love and unity message in my beloved DUBWISE style. At the beginning, the guest from Germany - Pehle spinning the whole range of dub sounds. From the classic tracks to the freshest dubstep productions which are reinventing the meaning of the bassline. Everyone could find something to dance and enjoy in his selection. Then instead of ill Radrik, Calvin continues the bass assault in the pure dubstep style, presenting the style which continues to catch attention of more and more people. Abassi Hi-Power - Intro to Boogie Brain - Szczecin 20.06.2008 Finally, time for the main course-Abassi Hi-Power. When Neil Perch and Brother Culture (an MC from the legendary Dub Club in London) appeared in the dj booth the dance floor filled quickly. Neil waved his hand and turned the volume up. The whole venue shook with the power of the bass. All the dubheadz went to heaven. The selection that night was mainly about Abassi "Showcase" and "Dub Showcase" but there were also some classic tunes presented. The long experience and the technical knowledge of the sound system shown by the artists made me sit on my bicycle and travel for another 170 kilometers to Greifswald because I wanted more and more...

And more you gonna get in two months time during The Boogie Brain Festival.

See the pictures from the gig:

... Gonna make your brains dance...

Boogie Brain - Szczecin 22-23.08.2008

On the 12th of June the information is going to be announced to the world. It is going to make happy the brains of the huge group of people for whom modern, original and intelligent music is the necessary part of everyday existence. At 2 p.m. ,in "Empik" in Galaxy in Szczecin the press conference is going to take place. The vice president of Szczecin Tomasz Jarmolinski, the director of The Culture Department Slawomir Szafranski, the director of The Promotion and Information Department Piotr Wachowicz and the promoters of the festival are going to talk about the idea of the event, the line up. The German side is going to be represented by Alexander Pheleman, the journalist and the editor of "Zonic Magazine".

The conference is the announcement for the forthcoming changes, total musical revolution in the city and the end of mass culture dictatorship. The Boogie Brain Festival is going to be the beginning of the new era ,as Bartek Sawicki the director of the festival said.